The 123ole Masia is the place where Debbie’s eclectically vibrant interior designing all comes together with the delightful, lushly colored crochet designs by Adinda's World. When crocheting in this remarkable location, inspiration comes naturally. And what’s great is that you too have the opportunity of indulging in the experience by attending one of our special, self-pampering crochet retreats!

In addition to making one of Adinda’s signature crochet projects of your choice, you can enjoy being pampered by Chef Begôna's delicious meals, sunbathing by the pool, hanging out with your workshop friends, or simply chilling out if the mood arises. In short, it is the perfect way to relax, find inspiration and spark creativity, immersed in an enchanting landscape also known as the 'Tuscany' of Spain. Fun crocheting excursions or relaxing massage sessions can also be arranged.

Be sure to experience an unforgettable few days in which, in addition to crocheting a beautiful project, you will also make like-minded new acquaintances. As all previous crochet workshops have proven, crocheting connects!

For more information and registration please email .

Love, Adinda