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Inspiration is one of the things I find essential in life. It excites me a lot to let something inspire me. This is something I learned as a young girl, creativity and creating music together. The things that make life beautiful and happy. I still enjoy all kinds of inspiration daily, from the nature, kind people or good music. Sometimes a cute flower-dress or a delicious recipe, there is so much inspiration around us!

Now I am mother of two pretty children, and I see them forming different kinds of creativity, for example: they enjoy dancing a lot. My husband is from Italy and we have happily lived there for a period of time. Speaking of inspiration... Italy is filled with it!

When I started crocheting I was only six years old, back in the day I already did it my own unrestrained way. Painting and other creative pursuits really make me happy. It is a great feeling to see something new being created, it makes you get into a flow, and come out of that thought-flooded mind...

In 2013 I first created the ‘happy flower-stola’ distinctive by its round shape and by being filled with colourful happy decorations, such as flowers and dots. In 2015 I was asked to give a workshop in crocheting a stola, this on a perfect location, the B&B 123-Olé! by Debbie de Jong and Alfred van den Heuvel in Spain. There I found out that crocheting together and inspiring each other is one of the best feelings on earth.

Today I work on a lot of great locations throughout Holland and other countries (Spain, Italy and Switzerland). Two of my standard locations in Holland are: Basic Lodge and Bonita Loka. It is always exciting to be there! Although it is also great to visit new locations.

Besides giving workshops I worked on a new book about my work, together with photographer Duco de Vries and art director Joyce Zethof. A nice adventure, for which we traveled to 123ole in Spain, because of the flowery scenery is perfect for the happy stola’s. It is a book full of inspiration, colour and happiness.

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