I have always dreamt about writing a book, not just a crochet book, but one filled with happy inspiration like nature, delicious food, beautiful places, nice music, special people and of course my handcraft, especially my ‘happy stola’.

In 2013 I created the ‘happy stola’, characterized by its round shape, happy colours and its three-dimensional decorations. This seemed to appeal to a lot of people and quickly the question if I wanted to write a book about it came up. Last year I decided to go on an adventure. Photographer Duco de Vries and I have visited the most beautiful, happiest and most inspiring places and people for a year to take pictures of my work. Duco was really the one for this job. This resulted in a 154 pages thick book filled with variation and colour, beautifully finalized by art-director Joyce Zethof. Apart from a lot of inspiration you will find crocheting descriptions (of the stola, flowers, leafs, hearts a spanish dancer and more) even a couple of delicious recipes from the Spanish Begoña.

The book will be titled: Adinda’s World; crocheting, creating, living. My biggest wish is for everyone who reads it is to experience a lot of inspiration and happiness by doing that, and enjoy just as much as I did writing it!

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